Writing the University

A Journal of Writing Across the Curriculum at
California State University, Sacramento

Published by the Faculty Senate Subcommittee for Reading and Writing


2013 Edition


Writing in Composition Courses

"Jay Gaublitz: An American Dissenter” by Caitlan Kerton, ENGL 20: College Composition II

"Elizabeth Cady Stanton” by Megan Reggiardo, ENGL 20: College Composition II

Writing in the Social Sciences

"Proposition 66: Fixing the Flaw” by Carla Bare, GOVT 180

"A Critique of Public Education” by Christen Brown, SOC 192: Social Theory

"Women in Wrestling: Stereotypes, Gender Bias and Inequality” by Jessica Castellon and Farah Nasir, SOC 133: Sport in Global Perspective  

"Bullying in Adolescence: An Analysis of Two Studies on Cyber and Traditional Forms” by Sierra Dimberg, CHDV 138: Social and Emotional Development  

"Prescription for Happiness" by Sarah Fish, RPTA122: Perspectives on Liesure

"The Context and Politics of Poverty: A Socio-political View of Urban Education" and "The Role of Norms in Education" by Kate Gonzales, EDT150: Urban Education

"A Core Self Perspective of the Gay Football Player" by Cassandra Lowry, SOC 168: Self and Society

"Doing More than Just Gender in the Workplace: How Gender, Race, and Appearance Affect Transgenders in the Workplace" by Jaymie Roberts, WOMS 138: Women and Work

Writing in the Natural Sciences

"Suitability Comparisons of Two Potential Putah Creek Salmon Habitats” by Jody Baugh, ENVS 121:Field Methods in Environmental Science

"The Traditional Management of Maize by the Hmong” by Tushaun Vang, ENVS 163: Ethnoecology

Writing in Business

"Conflict Management" by Rainbow Kong, HROB 155: Conflict Management and Negotiation

"NASA's Finest Hour: Decision Making and Apollo 13" by Jennifer LaViola, HROB 101: Management of Contemporary Organizations

"Organizational Masculinity in Glengarry Glen Ross" by John Ramos, HROB 101: Management of Contemporary Organizations

"Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC)" by Tricia Thomas, HROB 158: Special Topics in Human Resource Management

Writing in Arts and Letters

"War on Women: Exploring the Differences between the Feminine and Feminist Mystique” by Amanda Millen, COMS 168: Approaches to Rhetorical Criticism

"Woman's Place in the World: Greco-Roman and Judeo-Christian Influences from a Twenty-First Century Perspective" by Rogene Reynolds, HRS 10: Arts-Ideas of the West: Ancient to Medieval

"The Authority to Kill: Ghandi and Thoreau on Proposition 34, the Death Penalty" by Danielle Saunders, HON 1: Education, Self-Examination, and Living

"Sexual Distortions and the First Modern War: Nationalizing Gender Divisions During World War I" by Sam Skow, HIST 122B: Women in Modern European Societies

"'Always Further:' The Effects of Convinction and the Art of Piet Mondrian" by Hollie Trudeau, ART 109: Modern Art History