Writing the University

A Journal of Writing Across the Curriculum at
California State University, Sacramento

Published by the Faculty Senate Subcommittee for Reading and Writing


2012 Edition


Writing in Composition Courses

"A First Amendment Controversy” by Taylor Haines, English 1A: College Composition I

Writing in the Social Sciences

"The African American Experience within the Deaf Community ” by Asha Gabaldon, EDS 60: Introduction to Deaf Studies

"Kaya! Why Did You Do That?” by Debra Lopez, CHDV 138: Social and Emotional Development  

"Prevelant Issues in Parenting” by Isela Martinez, CHDV 154: Issues in Parenting  

Writing in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics

"People are Corn: An Ethnoecological Review of the Importance of Corn Cultivation to Hopi Culture” by Carrie Cohen, ENVS 163: Ethnoecology

"Peace in Korea's DMZ: Reuniting the Land of Emboidered Rivers and Mountains" by Jasmine Greer, ENVS 112: International Environmental Studies

"Probability Solutions" by Chris Liberatore, STAT 115A: Mathematical Statistics

Writing in Business

"Simple Structure" by Jessica Allen, HROB 101: The Management of Contemporary Organizations

"Steps to Problem Solving: A Negotiation Toolkit" by Michael DelNero, HROB 155: Conflict Management and Negotiation

"Organizational Culture and Change in the State Department" by Navishtha Shah, HROB 158: Special Topics in Human Resource Management

"Human Interaction: Leadership, Diversity, Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the Workplace" by Tin Hang, HROB 101: The Management of Contemporary Organizations

Writing in Arts and Letters

"The Perfect Cake” by Robyn Dearing, Honors 1: Education, Self-Examination, and Living

"Four Points of View about Picasso's Maquette for Guitar, 1912" by Margaret Munger, ART 1B: Western Art from Renaissance to the Present

"The Theater of Pompey: An Unprecedented Monument Heralding the Achievements of Pompey the
by Lesley Stein, ART 103: Greco-Roman Art

"Native Americans and English Colonial Identity" by Dean Sault, HIST 150: Colonial America

"Does Doctor Know Best?" by Sarah White, COMS 168: Rhetorical Criticism

"Relationship Between Journalist and Source Voices in News Texts" by Janna Huchet, COMS 168: Rhetorical Criticism

Writing in Engineering

"Heat Treatment of Steel” by Deanna Becker, Engineering 45: Materials

"Heat Treatment of Steel” by Scott Dearing, Engineering 45: Materials

"Heat Treatment of Steel” by Justin Lance, Engineering 45: Materials