Writing the University

A Journal of Writing Across the Curriculum at
California State University, Sacramento

Published by the Faculty Senate Subcommittee for Reading and Writing


2011 Edition

Writing in Composition Courses

"Interview with Dr. Jessica Hodge” by Nancy Hamler, English 109M

"Writing in My Career” by Kou Vang, English 1A: College Composition I

"Hearing Impaired Child and the Family Functioning” by Lindsay Olson, English 20: College Composition II

Writing in the Social Sciences

"CODA: Family, Community, and Responsibility” by Rachel Castro, EDS 60: Introduction to Deaf Studies

"Case Analysis: The First Appraisal” by Katie Giebler, FACS 116: Foodservice Management  


Writing in Business

"Group Dynamics in the Marketplace" by Antoinette Aguilar, HROB 101: The Management of Contemporary Organizations


Writing in Arts and Letters

"The Pursuit of Justice” by Daniel Esquivel and "All Are Free or None Are Free" by Paige Poulos, History 161: American Vision

"The Tale of a Man, a Nation, and a Speech" by Stephanie Meadows, Communications 100B: Critical Analysis of Messages

"Obama, Unity, and "A More Perfect Union" by Julian Velasquez, Communications 100B: Critical Analysis of Messages