Writing the University

A Journal of Undergraduate Writing across the Curriculum at
California State University, Sacramento

Published by the Faculty Senate Subcommittee for Reading and Writing


2010 Edition

Writing in Composition Courses

"Chicano Murals and Me " by Griselda Loza, English 2 (research paper)

"Otsuka's Campus Visit " by Isela Martinez, English20 (report on campus event)

"Women of the Camps" by Chase Van Etten, English 1A (historical research paper)

Writing in the Social Sciences

"Oralism and How It Effects the Development of the Deaf Child " by Michael Hood, EDS 160 (research paper)

"Thanks for the Lesbians. Where are the Dykes?" by Kara Kehoe, Communication Studies 169 (television critique)

"Value Structure and its Relation to Leisure via an Individual Perspective" by Vincent Martines, RTPA 122 (research paper)

"Adjustment of Children in Planned Lesbian Parent Families" by Alexandra Reagan, Child Development 138 (literature review)

"History Unfolds" by Grace Sternin, EDS 160 (research paper)

Writing in the Natural Sciences and Engineering

"Reinforced Concrete Loading Response" by Liana Clarke, Civil Engineering 113 (lab report)

"Striking a Balance: The Preservation of Environment and Culture in Bhutan" by Chad Steinwand, Environmental Sciences 112 (biodiversity research paper)

Writing in the Arts and Humanities

"The Theory of Music " by Sara Valentine , Honors 1 (reading portfolio)