Writing the University

A Journal of Undergraduate Writing across the Curriculum at
California State University, Sacramento

Published by the Faculty Senate Subcommittee for Reading and Writing


2009 Edition

Writing in Composition Courses

"Genetic Modifications in Humans" by Erin McHale, English 1A (research paper)

"Achievement Gap of Low-Income Minority Students" by Melina Plasencia, English 1A (research paper)

Writing in the Social Sciences

"The Effects of Parental Neglect on Types of Children" by Nancy Alkema, Child Development 133 (research proposal)

"Hell's Kitchen: An Audience Ethnography" by Luci Galvan, Communication Studies 169 (ethnography)

Writing in the Arts and Humanities

"America's First Great Awakening" by Ronald Moore, History 170 (essay exam)

"Language as the Symbolic Intermediary between the Divine and Humankind" by Brianna Marron, Honors 2 (comparative analysis)

"Production Techniques: Apple iPod Commercial" by Natalie Kwong, Communication Studies 100B (critical analysis)

"Stands" by Heather Sula, Communication Studies 124 (film script)