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Careers in Urban Land Development

Downtown SacramentoStudents graduating in Urban Land Development (ULD) will posses a multi discipline education in Urban Land Development. As a degree holder in ULD, the graduate is afforded a unique opportunity to participate in the multifaceted world of land use development in the urban setting.

Graduates will be able to apply their education by actively engaging in the following professional applications:

  • Land use planning at the county or city level
  • Zoning regulation, application and change processes
  • Governmental General Plan development and application process
  • Environmental Statement development and analysis
  • Private subdivision development and government approval process
  • Land use development feasibility studies, including location analysis and financial analysis
  • Real estate market sector analysis, including location analysis
  • Urban development and renewal feasibility analysis Negotiation skills for the purchase, sale, development, as well as conversion and utilization of real property

Examples of public-sector job opportunities for ULD graduates include:

  • City and county planners
  • Analysts for state and local housing agencies
  • Staff for local agency formation committees
  • Community housing advocates
  • Local economic development specialist

About the Master of Science in Urban Land Development