College of Arts and Letters

Ariel Mosley“Scholarships have truly made a difference in my success. This is why I encourage my fellow students to give back and understand the importance of philanthropy. Giving Tuesday is a great way for everyone to participate at any level!"—Ariel Mosley '14

Make a Gift

In the College of Arts and Letters, we can do remarkable things with your gift of… 
  • $10, which would provide a first-year student a copy of this year’s One Book selection
  • $25, to underwrite an annual membership to a local or regional museum where a student can experience world-class art first hand 
In the college of Arts and Letters, we can do remarkable things with your gift of . . .
  • $50, a graduate student could produce five oral histories of prominent Sacramentans  
And, if one person gave…
  • $1,000, a student could fund his or her travel to study a foreign the country where it is spoken
  • $15,000, an entire concert group could go on tour to perform at regional elementary and high schools
What will your gift do in the College of Arts and Letters? 

Make your Giving Tuesday gift today and help these remarkable things become a reality.

For more information on giving to the College of Arts and Letters, please contact Kevin Gonzalez, Ed.D., Director of Major and Planned Gifts at or (916) 278-6290. Giving Tuesday is Dec. 3, but your support is always appreciated. Give online anytime.