2016-17 Division Level Goals for Student Affairs

In support of the mission and strategic goals of the university, The Division of Student Affairs has established division-level goals. Each department/program within the division is now in the process of creating new 2017-18 strategic goals. To view the division-level goals, click on the link below:

2016-17 Student Affairs Division Level


Vision, Mission, Core Values

photo of studentsVision

As a vital component of a destination campus, Student Affairs will be a recognized leader in fostering student learning, growth, retention and success at the University and beyond.


The Division of Student Affairs at Sacramento State meets the diverse needs of our students by offering programs, services and opportunities that empower students to reach their unique potential as learners, as contributing members of their communities and as responsible leaders.

Core Values


We pride ourselves on being honorable, trustworthy and credible.


The interactive partnerships we forge with members of the Division, The University and the community enable us to create meaningful learning experiences for our students.


We help students develop the knowledge, skills and attributes needed to shape their futures.

Respect for Diversity

We cultivate a culture of civility where the open exchange of ideas and respect for all people are paramount.

Service to Students

We strive to deliver programs, policies and services in a timely, responsible and respectful manner.