SSWD Policy for Reader Services For Students with Print-Impairments

Reader services are provided to the student who is print-impaired through Services to Students with Disabilities Office (SSWD) to ensure full and equal access to academic programs. Eligibility for reader services is determined by the student’s Disability Management Counselor and/or Learning Disability Specialist with the Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) office. Students must be enrolled in a class for credit. The Counselor’s determination will be based upon students’ specific functional limitations and course demands as verified by disability documentation.  Students must meet with their Counselor to discuss their reader needs, before or at the beginning of each semester. 

  1. Students with print-impairments are required to provide verification of disability and complete an SSWD Support Services Form. 
  2. Students are encouraged to register with Learning Ally (formerly Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic RFB&D) prior to requesting reader services.
  3. Students should show written verification of the unavailability of the textbook from Learning Ally or other recorded book libraries, before reader services are authorized.  Reader services are authorized for one (1) semester at a time. Reader services will only be provided for reading assignments in academic courses.  The number of hours provided will be determined by the Disability Management Counselor in consultation with the student. At a minimum, this is 1.5 hours of reader service per unit per week.
  4. During the meeting with their Counselor, the student will complete the required forms in order to begin recruitment of a paid Reader.
  5. SSWD will maintain a list of readers who meet the SSWD standards.  It is anticipated that most students will select a reader from this list.  Students who prefer a reader not on the list must file written requests for exceptions to this policy.  All readers must go through the Sacramento Statereader hiring process.
  6. The print-impaired student, when they have identified a reader, will contact the Support Services Coordinator to schedule an appointment to read and sign the Reader Contract Agreement (see form at As soon as the hiring process is completed the Support Services Coordinator will notify the reader and the student that they can begin working together.
  7. Students and readers must meet in a mutually approved public facility, either on- or off-campus, as appropriate to the student's coursework.  Requests for exceptions to this policy must be made in writing.
  8. If there are any confusions regarding reader responsibility, the student, reader, and Support Services Coordinator together will clarify directions to the reader regarding materials to be read during the semester.
  9. Reader and print-impaired student are both responsible for submitting time sheets and claim forms before deadline.  Late time sheets will result in late pay and possible interruption of services.
  10. Readers are to read (either directly to the student or use a tape recorder, according to the student's preference) course-related materials that have been previewed by the student.  It is the student’s responsibility to select the material to be read.
  11. The reader may not function in the capacity of a tutor, typist, notetaker, escort, personal attendant, or driver. 
  12. Reading services may be terminated if:  1) Services are not appropriately delivered or 2) reader/student demonstrates other inappropriate behavior.  Termination process must be arranged with the Support Services Coordinator. 


Reader Services

I was informed of, and understand the SSWD Reader Service Policy, and my Counselor gave a copy of the policy to me.

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