Priority Registration Eligibility Criteria

Document Updated: August 2015

All Priority Registration requests are reviewed and approved by the designated SSWD Disability Management Counselor or Learning Disabilities Specialist. Priority Registration is based on current documented functional limitations related to a disability which substantially affect class scheduling at the present time. Eligibility for priority registration will be periodically re-evaluated. In addition,

  • New Sacramento State students must provide current medical and/or Learning Disability documentation.
  • Students returning to Sacramento State after being out 1 or more semesters must reactivate their file.

Prior approval at Sacramento State or another campus does not automatically constitute on-going eligibility. Consideration of graduation time limitations, financial need, sponsorship by programs such as Workmen’s Compensation, Department of Rehabilitation, Veterans’ Benefits, private insurance, etc. are not justification for Priority Registration.  


Priority Registration is based on current documented functional limitations which substantially affect class scheduling:

  1. Active documented use of pre-arranged support services such as large print, Braille materials, reader services, captioners or sign language interpreters.
  2. Ongoing major medical and/or mobility restrictions (speed, endurance, distance) which substantially impact scheduling of classes verified by physician or medical reports.
  3. Extensive therapy or other medical treatment/intervention (such as chemo-therapy, renal dialysis, etc.) which substantially limit class scheduling flexibility.

Note: The Registrar's web page can be consulted for additional information on assignment of registration dates for continuing students and registration priority. 

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