High Tech Center (HTC) Student Lab Policy

1.  The HIGH TECH CENTER (HTC) is for the exclusive use by Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) students to complete Sacramento State University coursework. 

  • Student must be referred by an SSWD counselor/specialist.
  • Student must possess a current SacLink account.
  • Children, family, friends, etc. are not allowed in the HTC unless they are registered with SSWD and have been referred to the HTC by an SSWD counselor/specialist.
  • Equipment/supplies in the HTC are NOT for personal use.
  • Only one computer may be used during any one log-in session.

2. HTC student lab (AIRC 2011) policies include:

  • HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.  Prepare belongings and computer shut down for departure by 4:45 to allow for staff to prepare for the end of the workday.
  • COMPUTER PROFICIENCY – Students must be computer proficient before requesting use of the HTC student lab to complete coursework.  This includes the ability to independently access software, create, move, edit, spell check, print and save the document.
  • EDITING OF PAPERS OR RESEARCH – HTC staff may NOT edit any student papers or conduct research for any student classes.  It is the student’s responsibility to find that resource on or off campus.
  • FOUR STUDENT USE PRIVATE SIDE ROOMS- Sign-up is available on the door of each room.  There is a 2 hour time limit.  HTC staff has top priority if room needed.  Room use will also be lost if 15 minutes late or personal items dropped off in room but unoccupied.
  • STAFF ASSISTANCE – Staff may assist with varying technical questions but are limited to 15 minutes per student.  If assistance requires more than 15 minutes, the student will be referred to Carol Houston, HTC Coordinator/Instructor for further training options.
  • HTC CLOSINGS – Occasionally, the HTC will be closed for test administration, demonstrations or tours.
  • REPAIR – Please notify staff of the problem – do not attempt to repair the equipment.
  • CELL PHONES –Cell phone usage is not allowed in the HTC.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS – If personal items are left in the lab without student’s presence for more than 15 minutes, the items will be moved from that computer space so another person can use the computer. Do not leave personal items in the lab overnight or unattended.  Staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • PRIVILEGES REVOKED – Any student who causes a disruption, disturbance or safety concern will be asked to leave the HTC.  Lab privileges may be revoked indefinitely for those students who continually cause a disturbance, are abusive to staff, are observed damaging equipment, furniture or software, or are violating this HTC policy.  Students will be given 2 warnings and if there is a 3rd incident student’s lab use privileges will be revoked. ADA work stations with adjustable tables and chairs are available in all IRT labs on campus - JAWS, Zoomtext and Kurzweil software are available on 2,000 computers in the IRT labs including the 24 hour lab in AIRC 2004 and a CCTV is available on the 2rd floor of the library.

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Updated: October 2016

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