Computer Testing Accommodation

Determination of Eligibility:

Students need to request computer testing accommodations through their SSWD counselor/specialist. That counselor/specialist will consider the student's computer proficiency level and whether the use of a computer is an appropriate testing accommodation based on the student's specific disability. The Testing Accommodation Letter must then indicate the computer testing accommodation and specify the type of computer and software and the adaptive equipment needed.

Hardware/Software Proficiency:

Students are expected to be computer proficient before requesting a system as an accommodation. Proficient means the ability to independently access the software, create, move, edit, spell-check, print and save the document. (WPJ/WPG students must know how to save a file to a USB drive.) No computer assistance will be given during a test.

Software Availability:

The student will be provided with a list of software available in the Testing Center for the current semester. (The list may be modified each semester.) If a student wishes to use software not listed, it is the student's responsibility to furnish program disks and manuals to the High Tech Center (HTC), AIRC 2011, a MINIMUM OF SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIOR to the testing date. Software will then be installed for that student's use if hardware requirements do not exceed that of available systems. If this is not possible, the student may need to make testing arrangements through the professor.

Class Exams:

The student must inform the Testing Center that a computer is needed for the class exam when scheduling the exam time.

WPJ/WPG Sign-ups:

Computer testing accommodations must be made by the end of the WPJ/WPG sign up date. No exceptions will be made. The student must call the HTC, 278-7915, at least seven (7) days before the WPJ/WPG to confirm computer testing arrangements and to create a voice file or configure software if needed. Failure to do so may result in hardware/software unavailability.


(Please answer the following questions by writing yes or no for each):

  • Can you access the software you need with no assistance?
  • Can you create a new document with no assistance?            
  • Can you save your document to a USB drive with no assistance?
  • Can you print your document with no assistance?    
  • Can you spell-check and edit a document with no assistance? 

I have read and understand the computer testing accommodations policy.  I am proficient in the use of computers and will not need assistance with accessing the software or with software functions or commands.

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