SSWD Academic & Study Skills Tutor Service Guidelines

Revised 8/2012

Academic and Study Skills Tutoring is a supplemental service and is not required under Section 504 (3NDLR, 52, #09-92-2049, OCR IX, 1992). The service is contingent on external grant funding and is only available for eligible students to the extent that the grant allows. SSWD will make every attempt to recruit a tutor, but cannot guarantee a tutor will be found. SSWD tutorial service is not a substitution for a prerequisite course, and will not provide private instruction on foundational concepts required to succeed in a particular course.

Prerequisites for requesting an academic/study skills tutor:

  • Undergraduate coursework only. Due to the nature of the external grant funding, only students who are enrolled as undergraduates can receive SSWD tutoring services. Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate classes and students enrolled in a second bachelor's degree are not eligible for SSWD tutoring.
  • Follow course sequence recommended by academic department advisor.
  • When tutorial assistance for the course is offered through the academic department or available elsewhere on campus, the student will be expected to utilize this service and SSWD will not recruit a tutor due to duplication of services.
  • Attend a course for at least two weeks.
  • C minus grade or below, as predicted by course instructor based on completed course assignments, exams, and/or participation.
  • Counselor/Specialist may recommend early start-up if student received an F grade in the same course in previous semester(s) as verified through transcript or has poor study skills or a history of difficulty making satisfactory progress in a certain academic area despite full effort.
  • Enrolled in the course during the current semester.
  • Before the deadline. New requests will not be accepted during the last three weeks of instruction (weeks 13, 14, and 15) of the semester.

Steps to Request Tutoring Services

  1. Request service from Counselor/Specialist.
  2. Take SSWD Request for Tutoring Form, issued by Counselor/Specialist, to professor to complete and sign. Student must return the form to Counselor/ Specialist if academic tutoring is being requested.
  3. Return the Request for Tutoring Form within 2 weeks; otherwise, SSWD will assume that the student is no longer in need of the service unless otherwise notified by the student.
  4. Read and sign the Tutor/Tutee Contract Agreement before tutorial sessions begin.

General Policy for Academic Tutoring

  1. Maximum of two requests for tutoring per semester.  A request may be for one course (specific academic subject, math), or for multiple courses (study skills, writing). 
  2. Student requesting tutoring in more than two courses in major area during any semester will be required to attend a meeting with both their academic major advisor and their SSWD Counselor/ Specialist to discuss the appropriateness of course choice and/or major.
  3. Limited to two hours per week per course. Additional hours are contingent on funding and will require a specific recommendation from the Counselor/Specialist with a justification.
  4. Request for tutoring for a second time on a repeated course will be subject to review by Counselor/Specialist with the consultation of the academic department for reasonable justification.
  5. Two unexcused absences for tutorial sessions will require a meeting with Counselor/Specialist to discuss attendance before the tutorial service continues. An unexcused absence is defined as failure to communicate to the Support Services Coordinator or the assigned tutor within 24 hours about the absence at a prearranged tutoring session.
  6. Repeated absences may result in suspension of service.
  7. Arriving unprepared for more than two consecutive tutoring sessions will require student to meet with Counselor/Specialist before service continues.
  8. Requests to change tutor without justifiable reason will not be honored. Locating an alternative tutor is not guaranteed and may result in a lapse of tutoring services.
  9. If the budget reduction makes it necessary to restrict tutoring, the following priorities, in descending order, will be observed, depending on the level of funds available:
  • A formula will be established limiting academic and study skills tutoring hours.
  • Top priority will be given to only those students who are on academic probation.
  • Tutoring will be limited to disability-related requests

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