Students With No Prior Learning Disability Assessments

Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) does not currently offer Learning Disability Assessments as a supplemental service.  Students who suspect that they may have a disability that interferes with their learning may:

  • If currently enrolled at community college, contact the Disability Services Program for Students (DSPS) at their community college to discuss current options for assessment services/classes.
  • Contact own health insurance plan provider, if available, to inquire about referrals for diagnostic assessment for learning disabilities or cognitive impairments.
  • Discuss options with their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor if a client of the Department of Rehabilitation.
  • Contact local private clinicians familiar with the assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities to inquire about fees and services and scheduling an assessment.

Sacramento State financial aid recipients may be eligible for a one-time budget adjustment to help with the costs of the diagnostic assessment/evaluation.  Students who decide to pursue financial aid assistance should meet with a Financial Aid Counselor during their drop-in office hours to understand the funding options.  Drop-in hours are: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 9:00 am-11:30 am and 1:00 pm-3:00 pm, Lassen Hall 1006. (No counseling on Wednesdays and Fridays.)

A link to the current CSU Guidelines for the Assessment and Verification of Students with Learning Disabilities Appendix A of the Sacramento State Services to Students with Disabilities Policy can be found in the Learning Disability Practices for Assessment and Accommodation.

If no assessment report or documentation is available, an LD Specialist can meet with students for an informational appointment to discuss their academic experience and options before students proceed with an assessment. Students with other disabilities that may impact learning should consider submitting other documentation for review and discussion of possible accommodations.

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