Moving Forward: Leadership Skills for Moving from Campus to Community

On Wednesday, April 24, Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) invited students to a day-long event Moving Forward: Leadership Skills for Moving from Campus to Community.  In this economy, it’s crucial to have confidence in your leadership skills. SSWD designed the Moving Forward event to highlight existing skills for transitioning students with disabilities and encourage the development of skills for students to continue on the path towards graduation. 

Participating departments included:TRIO Student Support Services Program, Academic Advising and Career Center, Student Organizations and Leadership, the Multi-Cultural Center, the WELL, Student Academic Success and Educational Equity Programs, the Committee on Diversity and Equity, and the University Committee for Persons with Disabilities.

Participating Community Agencies: Department of Fair Employment & Housing, Disability Rights California, and Resources for Independent Living

The event also included sessions at The WELL's Climbing Wall. If you are interested in a session at the Climbing Wall, please contact The WELL at 916-278-9355. The Climbing Wall is ready to accommodate all ability levels. Adaptive climbing uses specifically modified adaptive equipment, including a comfortable custom harness and handlebar ascenders, to climb the rope pulling a fraction of body weight. Each setup can be customized to meet the specific needs of the individual. Climbing Wall staff have been fully trained in the set up and use of adaptive equipment. For more information or to set up a Reasonable Accommodation Appointment, please call 916-278-9355.

This event was made possible in part by a generous Campus Grant Award from University Enterprises, Inc.

Morning Sessions:

9:00—10:30 Understanding Personality Styles & Group Dynamics

Attend this interactive workshop to learn more about your own personality style and the personality styles of those with whom you work in groups! This session will also explore strategies for leading and working more effectively with team members.

Presenter: Sara Henry, Director, Student Organizations & Leadership 

Handouts:   Understanding Different Personalities Instructions (.doc)

                  True Colors Test (.doc)

                  True Colors Attributes (.doc)

                  Color Meanings (.doc)

                  Ways to Improve Personal Relationships with the Colors (.doc)

                  Ways to Improve Team Performance with the Colors (.doc)


10:00—11:00 Discussion: Strategies for the Job Search

Are you wondering how to get started with you job search? Would you like to know current strategies and resources for getting a job? Attend this dynamic workshop that will teach you current job search techniques and strategies, including networking, locating job openings in your field, organizing your job search, and maximizing your chances of obtaining an interview.

Presenter: Dave McVey, Career Center

Handouts:   Strategies for the Job Search (.ppt)

11:00—Noon Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Would you like to learn how to incorporate school experience on your resume? Do you ever wonder if your resume is formatted correctly? Would you like to learn how to tailor your resume to your position of interest? Plan to attend this informative workshop on how to write a resume and cover letter. This fun workshop will include information on how to write action-verb sentences, strategies incorporating non-paid experience on your resume, techniques for tailoring your resume to the position, and how to include school experiences in your resume.

Presenter: Natasha Yalovenko, Graduate Career Counseling Intern, Career Center

Handouts:  Resume and Cover Letters (.ppt)

                 Verbalizing Your Accompishments (.doc)

Afternoon Sessions:

1:00—2:15 Relating Your Major to the World of Work

Have you ever wondered what career options you can do with your major or a major you are considering? Would you like to identify occupations and industries that relate to your coursework, major and/or concentration? This exciting workshop will teach participants how to identify major career options in the world of work. Workshop attendees will also learn how to create back-up options, such as plan B or plan C. In addition, valuable resources and Internet search strategies for creating major/career options, in addition to a step-by-step method for getting started in your field(s) of interest, will be discussed. 

Presenter: Zarmina Nawab, Graduate Career Counseling Intern, Career Center

Handouts: Relating Your Major to the World of Work (.ppt)

                Research Majors and the World of Work (.doc)

                Major Options Chart 2012 (.doc)

                Relating Your Major to the World of Work Activity (.doc)

General Career Center Handouts: 

Career Center List Servs (.doc)

Career Planning Process (.doc)

Career Center Handbook 2011 (.pdf)

Community Referral List 2013 Disability Related (.doc)

2:00—3:00 Discussion: To Disclose or Not To Disclose

Discuss if and when it is necessary to disclose a disability to an employer and how much information is appropriate to disclose.

Presenter: Ja'Cinta Mixson and Jamie Jones, Learning Disabilities Specialists, Services to Students with Disabilities

Handouts: To Disclose or Not To Disclose (.pptx)


3:00—4:15 Celebrating Student Success 

Services to Students with Disabilities is proud of you and your achievements here at Sacramento State. Please join us at a reception where we celebrate the success of our students.

Handout:  Well Wishes and Quotes for Grads (.pptx)

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