Alternative Media Policy/Contract

Alternative Media (Braille, large print, tactile graphics, e-text)

 1. Eligibility

  • Determined by the Services to Students with Disability (SSWD) Counselors/Specialists and/or Directors.
  • Based upon professional documentation provided by the student who has a documented print disability that prevents him/her from using standard instructional materials.
  • A print disability is a disability that prevents a student from utilizing standard print materials, and may include blindness, other visual impairments, specific learning disabilities, or the inability to hold a book.  
  • Concerns regarding eligibility and the process or provision of accommodations should be discussed initially with the SSWD Counselor/Specialist. If unresolved, the student can meet with a Director of SSWD. Students who wish to appeal above the Director level can be referred to campus administrative staff who oversee the specific area of concern (refer to the Academic Program Access for Students with Disabilities policy).

2. Criteria for Receiving Materials in Alternative Format

  • Student must be currently enrolled (not on the waitlist) and/or finishing an incomplete in the course for which they are requesting alternative media.
  • Student must own a physical copy of the textbook or other course material and provide their original receipt verifying that the student has purchased the printed instructional material.
  • Recommended or suggested books by the professor will not be converted; only required materials for the class can be converted.
  • Immediate notification must be given to the Alternative Media staff if student drops a class or if a required textbook is changed by the professor.
  • Requests will be considered on a case by case basis at which time determination will be made on the specific media format (only one format will be given).

3. Timeline for Requests for Textbooks:

  • Student submits a Textbook Summary from My Sac State as soon as the required books are identified, to Alternative Media staff.
  • At least 10 business days must be allowed in advance of anticipated need (For specialized formats or during peak periods of high demand and finals preparation, textbook conversion may take longer.)
  • Late requests may cause a delay in receiving materials.

4. Textbook and Material Conversion

  • Textbook binding may be cut for scanning purposes but will be reassembled with a spiral binding and returned to student within three business days. Student will sign form acknowledging receipt of textbook.
  • SSWD will not be held responsible for any damage to the materials that occur as a result of the conversion.
  • It is the student's responsibility to contact High Tech Center staff for status on completion of their alternative media.
  • To facilitate conversions of instructional materials into alternate formats, SSWD professional staff may need to contact course faculty and departments on campus to obtain or release information on students' course material needs.
  • Upon pick up of conversions, student signs form acknowledging receipt of materials.
  • Handouts - Students requesting a scan of less than 20 pages of clean, original and scan ready handouts may incur a 5 business day turnaround.  Handouts of 20 pages or more may incur a 10 business day turnaround. Kurzweil or PDF scans can be converted by the student in the High Tech Center on the same day. (For specialized formats or during peak periods of high demand and finals preparation, alternative media conversion may take longer).
  • Exams - Students receiving the accommodation of exam conversion into an alternative format (e.g. Braille, tactile graphics, electronic text) are responsible for informing professors of the following policy procedure: Exams are to be received at least 5 business days before the scheduled exam. They may be e-mailed to AND OR delivered to the High Tech Center Alternative Media unit located in the AIRC, Room 2010. (During peak hours of high demand and during finals and for complex graphics/equations, alternative media conversion may take longer.)

5. Copyright:

  • If the text is provided in electronic format, it is copyrighted.
  • Any further reproduction or distribution of the electronic format is a copyright infringement and will result in disciplinary action by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Discipline.

6. Accessing  E-Text:

  • The High Tech Center will provide training and assistance in accessing the material using assistive technology. 

7. Questions:

  • Questions or concerns regarding alternative media should be addressed directly to the student’s SSWD Counselor/Specialist or High Tech Center Coordinator. Questions regarding specific accommodation requests must be addressed by the SSWD Counselor/Specialist.

8. SSWD Right to Discontinue Service:

  • If any of the above items are violated or abused, the student exhibiting the inappropriate student conduct is subject to discipline (Title 5, California Code of Regulations. Sections 21301-41304 and SSWD Code of Conduct Policy).

I acknowledge that I have read and understand the Alternative Media Policy above.  My signature is my commitment to adhere to these responsibilities and terms.

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Updated: September 2014