What is stalking?

Stalking is a series of acts by another person that harasses you (for example repeated phone calls or repeated incidents of following you) and makes you fear for your safety. In California, it is a crime. Cyber stalking is a relatively newer form of harassment. This includes excessive emails or other electronic communications, such as social media, conveying threats. Click here to learn more about stalking.

If you believe you are experiencing stalking, it is important that you get help:

  • For your safety, it is very important that you DO NOT make arrangements to meet the stalker
  • Do not try to “talk sense” into them. Save all evidence (i.e. emails, voice messages, texts, unused gifts) and present it to the police department.
  • If you believe you are in danger or need emergency help, call 9-1-1 or the campus police at (916) 278-6000
  • If you think you are a victim of stalking, call the confidential victim advocate (916) 278-5850. We can assist you with police reports and restraining orders if necessary, as well as help you obtain counseling services.
  • You can make a report with the campus Title IX office regardless of whether you make a police report or not. To report an incidence of domestic/dating violence, sexual assault/harassment, or stalking please look at your reporting option or contact the confidential campus victim advocate for more information.
  • Know your Rights and Options


Sacramento State Confidential Victim Advocate:

(916) 278-5850; Monday-Friday 8:00 AM -5:00 PM

Schedule an appointment online through your patient portal.

Sacramento Area 24-hour Confidential Help: 

WEAVE, Inc., Sacramento: (916) 920-2952

Empower Yolo, Woodland/Davis: (916) 371-1907

Stand Up Placer, Roseville/Auburn: (800) 575-5352 

DeafSAFE: (855) 812-1001 (VP)

Emergency Help:

Call 9-1-1 or our campus police at (916) 278-6000