Intimate Partner Violence

What is intimate partner violence?

Intimate partner violence, otherwise known as domestic violence, is a crime in California. It can take many forms including physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. Intimate partner violence affects at least one out of every four American families.  Women ages 16 - 24 experience the highest per capita rates of intimate partner violence

You may be a victim of intimate partner violence, if you:

  • Are frightened by your partner’s temper
  • Apologize to other people for your partner’s behavior
  • Have been hit, kicked or shoved by your partner
  • Go along with your partner’s wishes because you are afraid they will get mad
  • Don’t see friends or relatives because your partner told you not to
  • Think it is your fault when your partner treats you badly or hurts you
  • Have excessive calls or texts from your partner wanting to know your whereabouts at all times
  • Alter the way you act, dress, or socialize because of your partner’s excessive jealousy
  • Are unable to use birth control because your partner won’t let you

If you are experiencing intimate partner violence, there is help available:

  • Call the confidential campus victim advocate (916) 278-5850 for information, referrals and support; or call WEAVE’s 24-hour hotline at (916) 920-2952 for afterhours support.
  • If you are in immediate danger or need emergency help call 9-1-1 or the campus police at (916) 278-6000
  • You can file a police report with your local police department or with campus police if you would like. You may also seek assistance from the campus victim advocate to help file for a restraining order.
  • You can make a report with the campus Title IX office regardless of whether you make a police report or not. To report an incidence of domestic/dating violence, sexual assault/harassment, or stalking please look at your reporting options or contact the confidential campus victim advocate for more information.
  • Know your Rights and Options


Sacramento State Confidential Victim Advocate:

(916) 278-5850; Monday-Friday 8:00 AM -5:00 PM

Schedule an appointment online through your patient portal.

Sacramento Area 24-hour Confidential Help: 

WEAVE, Inc., Sacramento: (916) 920-2952

Empower Yolo, Woodland/Davis: (916) 371-1907

Stand Up Placer, Roseville/Auburn: (800) 575-5352

DeafSAFE: (855) 812-1001 (VP)

Emergency Help:

Call 9-1-1 or our campus police at (916) 278-6000


What to do if a friend or family member is in an intimate partner violent relationship:

Many of us know, or think we might know, a person who is in an abusive relationship. But we can always come up with reasons to ignore our discomfort and hope the problem will solve itself. Click here to learn more about common reasons why people don’t break the silence on intimate partner violence and find out how you can help a friend or family member who may be experiencing an abusive relationship.