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ATTENDANCE - Instructors have the right to administratively remove any student who, during the first two weeks of instruction, fails to attend any two class meetings (for courses that meet two or more times a week), or one class meeting (for courses that meet once a week). It is therefore especially important that students contact instructors in advance regarding absences during the add/drop period. However, do not assume instructors will turn in official drops. It is the responsibility of each student to officially drop any scheduled courses he or she is not attending. Failure to do so will result in penalty grades (“WU” or “F”).

EMAIL, OFFICIAL - Sacramento State will send information, including notices of My Sac State 2.0 Messages, to the email address you have listed on My Sac State 2.0. Check mail often, and be sure to update it if you change your address.

ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATION – Students who require certification of enrollment may make their requests at the Student Services Counter. Official certifications may not be issued by any other campus office nor obtained from the Web. Outside agencies are directed to our servicer, the National Student Clearinghouse (703) 742-4200 to obtain verification of Sacramento State degrees awarded. Graduation data files are submitted to NSC approximately eight weeks after each semester’s degree conferral date.

GRADUATE STUDENT CONTINUOUS ENROLLMENT – Students are not authorized to enroll for more units of Thesis or Individual Master’s Study than the total number of units approved on the Application for Advancement to Candidacy. If you are a graduate student finishing your thesis, project, or comprehensive examinations, check with your department to see if you need to apply for “Continuous Enrollment.”

GRADUATES – All graduating seniors must file an application for readmission with the Office of Graduate Studies if they wish to attend Sacramento State after earning the bachelor’s degree.

NAME CHANGES – Students who have changed their names must
(1) file an official notice at the Student Services Counter and (2) notify all their instructors if the change occurs after the semester begins. Financial aid applicants must show proof to the Financial Aid Office of their name change through the Social Security Administration.

SENIORS – If you have completed at least 80 units or have two more semesters before graduation, file a graduation application at the Student Services Counter.

SPECIAL PROBLEMS, FIELD WORK, THESIS, PROJECT COURSES – Enrollment in these courses is by department permission only. Department approved petition must be filed with the department, no later than September 11, 2009 for Fall 2009; February 5, 2010 for Spring 2010.

"WU" GRADE DELETION POLICY - In the first semester in which you receive one or more WU grades, you may petition to remove the effect from your GPA. Deletion petitions may be submitted any time prior to the award of the degree; none are accepted thereafter. For complete policy, go to

VETERANS – All veterans receiving education benefits are required to submit the Veteran’s Information Card (VIC) each semester they register at Sacramento State. If you do not file the VIC, you will not receive education benefits. VIC's may be obtained at and filed at the Veterans’ Affairs Office located in Lassen 3000. VAO staff are available to assist in filing requests for benefits. Please call ahead for office hours (278-6733).