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Required English and Mathematics
Preparatory Courses for Freshmen-
Executive Order 665

According to CSU Executive Order 665, students who do not pass the EPT and/or ELM are required to enroll in the appropriate preparatory courses in their first semester of enrollment. All preparatory courses must be completed within the student’s first year of enrollment; otherwise, the student will not be allowed to continue at the University, resulting in Administrative Disqualification.

If students are administratively disqualified, they will be required to complete General Education English and/or mathematics requirements at a community college with a “C-“ or higher grade before returning to the University. The EPT scores and the appropriate course placement is shown below:

English: If you are an entering freshman who scores in one of the ranges below GE level on the EPT, you must enroll in the course which corresponds to your placement range in the first semester at Sacramento State. You must also enroll for the next course in the sequence in the following semester until college level English is complete. If English is your second language and you did not take the EPT at Sacramento State, you must take the English Diagnostic Test (EDT). For more information, contact the Learning Skills Center (278-6725).

If you took the EPT at Sacramento State, you completed a survey to determine if you were multilingual. If your responses to the survey indicated that you were multinlingual, your EPT essay was assessed to determine if you could benefit from writing courses designed for multilingual students. If so, you were given an EDT score of 3, 4, or 5 in addition to your EPT score. See the “Multinlugal” chart for information on placement in multilingual courses.