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Academic Advising Center

Incoming freshmen are required to meet with an advisor in the Academic Advising Center during their first year. Continuing students need to take the initiative for planning their academic schedule. Campus advisors are best able to assist students after they have done some planning on their own. The Academic Advising Center suggests that students use a three-step process in planning their program each semester.

1. Understand . . . the General Education, major, and graduation requirements you must satisfy. This information can be read on pages 18-29 of the 2009-2010 Student Handbook, on advising sheets handed out by major departments and in pertinent sections of the Catalog. Understanding these requirements will make it easier for you to select courses (and alternates) so you will be more successful in getting classes when you register.

2. Consider . . . the number and kinds of courses you can handle and how, given the other demands on your time and energy, they should be scheduled by days and times. Each course you select will apply to one or more of the following categories: General Education,
Major, Electives (or Minor). Keep in mind that the reason most students are disqualified is a fatal combination of working too many hours and taking too many units.

3. Discuss . . . your tentative course selections with an advisor in your major and the Academic Advising Center, Lassen Hall 1013. Another person’s opinion can be quite useful in helping you finalize your program.