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All students must take the EPT or document their exemptions before registering in their first semester of classes. This test determines whether you should enroll in ENGL 1A (College Composition), ENGL 1 (Basic Writing Skills), or LS 15 (College Language Skills). If English is not your first language and you could benefit from instruction for multilingual writers, the EPT, taken at Sacramento State, will place you in equivalent multilingual courses: ENGL 2 (College Composition for Multilingual Students), LS 87 (Basic Writing Skills for Multilingual Students), or LS 86 (College Language Skills for Multilingual Students). You must take the EPT before you can enroll in any classes in the University, and you must enroll in your required preparatory classes (LS 15, ENGL 1, LS 86, LS 87) in your first semester and complete your preparatory class sequence by the end of your first year at Sacramento State.

To register for the test, go to the Testing Center (LSN-2302, 278-6296) or register online at by the deadline date (see page 22). Students who need special accommodations because of disabilities should get a clearance from the Office of Services to Students with Disabilities (LSN-1008, 278-6955) and submit it with the test registration materials at least a week before the deadline.

Any of the following exempts you from the EPT:

• Completion (grade of “C-” or better) of ENGL 1A or its equivalent at another college;

• CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) exemption;

• A score of 470 or above on the Verbal Section of the (SAT) College Board Scholastic Aptitude Test (before April 1995);

• A score of 550 or above on the Verbal/Critical Reading Section of the SAT (April 1995 or later);

• A score of 22 or above on the (ACT) American College Testing English Usage Test (before October 1989);

• A score of 24 or above on the (ACTE) Enhanced American College Testing English Usage Test (October 1989 or later);

• A score of 3 or above on the Advanced Placement Language and Composition or Composition and Literature Examination of the College Board Advanced Placement Program;

• A score of 600 or above on the College Board Achievement Test in English with essay (before January 1994);

• A score of 600 or above on the College Board SAT II Writing Test (between January 1994 and March 1995);

• A score of 660 or above on the College Board SAT II Writing Test taken between April 1, 1995 and April 1998;

• A score of 680 or above on the re-centered and adjusted College Board SAT II: Writing Test taken May 1998 or after.

The EPT may be taken at any CSU campus; placement tests taken at other colleges or universities do not apply.

If you qualify for an exemption under any of the provisions above, go to an Admissions and Records window in Lassen Hall to arrange


Undergraduate international students and permanent residents must take the EDT (1) if they did not take the English Placement Test (EPT) at Sacramento State, or (2) if they fulfilled the freshman composition requirement (ENGL 1A) at another campus. If you are an upper division student, failure to take the EDT by the end of your first semester on campus will prevent registration in any classes during your second semester. Your EDT score will place you in the multilingual courses necessary to satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement and is a requirement for registration in any Multilingual course: LS 85, LS 86, LS 87, ENGL 2, ENGL 109M. For more information, contact the Learning Skills Center (278-6725).


All students must complete ENGL 1A (College Composition) with a grade of “C-” or better. This requirement may also be met by completing a course equivalent to ENGL 1A at another college or university. Multilingual students may meet the requirement by completing ENGL 2 with a grade of “C-” or better. Yyou must take the English Placement Ttest (EPT) and you may be required to take one or more preparatory courses before enrolling in ENGL 1A or ENGL 2. You should take English 1A/2 immediately after completing any required preparatory courses (English 1 or LS 87) and no later than the point at which you complete 30 units. For further information, contact the English Composition Office (CLV-111, 278-6409).


Students with catalog rights beginning Fall 1992 and later are required to complete ENGL 20/ENGL 20M (Multilingual), or equivalent, with a grade of “C-” or better after successfully completing ENGL 1A.


One course designated as Writing Intensive is required for graduation. Writing Intensive courses are identified in the General Education pattern section of the Class Schedule by an (*). Students with catalog rights beginning in Fall 1992 may have the option of meeting this requirement with a course offered in the major; check with your major department. Prerequisites for enrollment in a Writing Intensive class are completion of GE Areas A2 and A3, and satisfactory completion of the (GWAR) Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (see below).

*Prior to Fall 2003, Writing Intensive courses were called Advanced Study classes.


All CSU students must satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) before graduation. Completion of the GWAR is a prerequisite for some upper division classes and the Writing Intensive requirement. At Sacramento State, the GWAR is met by passage of the Writing Proficiency Examination (WPE). Students must take the WPE in their first semester of junior status (60-74 units). Failure to do so will result in registration holds. English 20 or its equivalent is a prerequisite to taking the WPE.


Sacramento State juniors (students with more than 60 units) are required to take the WPE before beginning their second semester of junior standing. Students who do not meet this policy requirement will have holds placed on their registrations when they complete 74 units.

Passage of the WPE or successful completion of ENGL 109W/109M is a prerequisite for enrollment in a Writing Intensive course. Students may not enroll in an ENGL 109 class and a Writing Intensive class concurrently.

Sign Up: Register for the test online at

Students with Disabilities: Request special testing accommodations through the Services to Students with Disabilities Office (LSN-1008, 278-6955) at least one week before the sign-up deadline, then register online at

Multilingual Students: Register in the WPE Office (CLV-111).

Transfer Students: If you satisfied the GWAR at another CSU campus, go to CLV-111.

Graduate Students: Graduate students may be required to pass the WPE before advancing to candidacy. Check with the Graduate Admissions Office (RFC-203, 278-6470).

Writing Proficiency Examination Schedule
Fall 2007 - Spring 2008
Writing Proficiency Exam Given
Sign Up Online
Wednesday, August 1, 2007 Thursday, July 5 -
Thursday, July 26, 2007
No Make-up
Saturday, October 13, 2007 Monday, September 17 -
Friday, September 28, 2007
Thursday, October 18, 2007
Wednesday, January 9, 2008 Monday, November 19 -
Friday, December 14, 2007
No Make-up
Saturday, March 8, 2008 Monday, February 11 -
Friday, February 22, 2008
Thursday, March 13, 2008
Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Monday, April 28, 2008 -
Friday, May 16, 2008
No Make-up

WPE Workshops: To prepare for the WPE, plan to attend an informational workshop offered by the English Department (no writing will be done). Check the postings outside CLV-111 for the workshops scheduled before each WPE.

The Day of the Exam: On the day of the exam you must bring the following: (1) check or money order for $25 made out to CSUS - NO CASH; (2) two pieces of picture identification; (3) pens and pencils. You may bring a dictionary (electronic is NOTt acceptable). A test booklet will be provided. You will have 2-1/2 hours in which to complete the exam. You may not leave the exam room during the first two hours. Essays become the property of the University and will not be returned.

Make-up Exam: To qualify for a make-up exam, students must present one of the following to the Testing Center (LSN-2302):

1. A written statement on letterhead from your clergyman during the regular registration period OR

2. Official proof of an emergency (e.g., a doctor’s letter or police accident report) on the Monday or Tuesday following the exam.

If you are unable to schedule the regular exam for some reason other than an emergency or religious conflict, you must present your case in writing to the WPE Office (CLV-111) during the regular registration periods. Check with the WPE Office for more information regarding make-up exams.

Scores: A score of 8 or above passes; a score of 6 or less fails. Scores will be mailed; consult the information sheet handed out at the exam. If you do not pass, you may repeat the WPE once. If you fail the WPE twice, you must register for an ENGL 109 class.

VIII. ENGLISH 109M (Multilingual) and ENGLISH 109W:

ENGL 109M/109W is a requirement for students who fail the WPE. Successful completion of the course with a “C-” or better satisfies the GWAR. Students who have been identified as Multilingual on the EDT (see page 21) must enroll in ENGL 109M. Students who have EDT scores of 2 or 3 must successfully complete LS 86 before registration in ENGL 109M. Students who register in the incorrect course will be administratively disenrolled. Students who fail LS 86 or ENGL 109M/109W twice must petition in writing for permission to repeat the course. Petitions are due August 13, 2007 for Fall 2007 classes and January 14, 2008 for Spring 2008. (For more information contact the General Education Office, SAC-234.)