Willing and (sustain) able

Recent projects demonstrate University's eco-friendly efforts

"Stormwater percolates through the ground, naturally purifying and recharging our underground water system. We put a lot of thought into reducing stormwater runoff into the river from roads and irrigation."
–Paul Serafimidis, Director of Sustainability and Plant Operations

Sac State's campus is sprinkled with buildings, sidewalks and parking lots. But with 4,000 trees and a river, it's also one big living organism. Keeping that organism healthy is an ongoing challenge that the University's sustainability team is tackling on several fronts.

Paul SerafimidisPAUL SERAFIMIDIS—Director of Sustainability and Plant Operations


The Office of Water Programs and the City of Sacramento have installed nearly a dozen stormwater management outlets, including bioretention planters, rain gardens and bioswales, which purify and return rainwater to the underground water system.


An LED lighting retrofit at Yosemite Hall resulted in a 73 percent reduction in energy savings and maintenance costs. The project is now being extended across campus. Motion detectors are also being installed to shut off or reduce light levels in unoccupied rooms.


A campus-wide push is underway to reduce solid waste by 50 percent over the next year. The Dining Commons is composting consumer waste to produce renewable natural gas to fuel campus vehicles. Food and landscape waste is also being composted as fertilizer for campus use.

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