The Sound of Music


The School of Music's ensembles provide benefits for both students and community.

Stage fright. It’s an affliction that strikes musicians running the gamut from Ozzy Osborne to Luciano Pavarotti to Adele. Chase Spruill knows the feeling.

And when Spruill feels stress, he recalls his Sac State days performing in student ensembles as concertmaster of the orchestra and a founding member of the Camerata Capistrano baroque ensemble.

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Good Natured

Tucked away from the campus hubub, the University Arboretum is home to more than 1,400 trees, shrubs and perennials from around the world.

Mike Baad

And one very dedicated keeper.

Emeritus biological sciences professor Mike Baad, has presided over the Arboretum for nearly 50 years. The three-acre garden began as a teaching tool and has become a labor of love.

“This is my backyard basically,” he says. “It’s definitely become part of me.”

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Spotlight on: Center for Small Business

The pitch: Entrepreneurs and small business owners can improve and grow their companies with innovative ideas from Sacramento State’s Center for Small Business.

Center for Small Business

The consultants: Students and faculty members from the College of Business Administration.

The price tag: Free.

For nearly 50 years, the Center has provided expert advice to more than 2,000 small firms, including contractors, restaurants, retailers, and technology companies.

“Business owners benefit from a semester-long partnership with dedicated students and faculty experts,” explains Andrey Mikhailitchenko, professor of marketing and director of the Center. “A lot of these are small mom-and-pop businesses looking for advice on marketing strategy, financial planning and analysis, human resource management and technology.” 

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