Recent grad helps power Ugandan children's center

Troy Miller 2
Troy Miller '14 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) returned to Uganda for the second straight summer to complete a project to install a solar-powered grid at that Toggo International Children's Center.

Troy Miller
Troy Miller helped install a solar-powered grid in Uganda this summer after working with fellow students at Sac State's Smart Grid Center to design the system.

Troy Miller ’14 (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) reflects on his trip to Uganda this summer to help install a solar-powered micro-grid at the Toggo International Children’s Center.

I recently returned from my summer trip where I completed the installation of nearly 2-kilowatts of solar panels, 20-kilowatt hours of energy storage, and turned on a 5 KVA power system for the Toggo International Children's Center.

This means over 1,000 Ugandan children along with the teachers and administrators now have access to reliable power, lights at night, extended library times, refrigeration and improved security.

The improved power source opens many possibilities for the Center, including wireless internet access, movie presentations, satellite TV, computer workstations and so much more that we take for granted.

This is really such a great story and the project went perfectly. I was able to fund raise here in the U.S. and took all the money to source the entire system locally in Uganda.

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