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Procedures for Student Research with Human Subjects 


The Psychology Department at Sacramento State has a long history of strong emphasis on students’ direct participation in research, both as participants (aka “subjects”) and researchers. We feel first-hand experience adds an important component to the study of Psychological science.

Below, you will find portals to additional information about the research process from the perspectives of participants, researchers, and instructors of courses that are involved in the subject pool.

  • Participants: Students enrolled in PSYC 2, 4, or 8 are required to participate in research (for each class) through our human subjects pool. Students in Psyc 2 and 8 are required to complete 3 hours for each class. Students in PSYC 4 are required to complete 2. The only exception to this rule is when a class begins at 5pm or later—we currently do not require research participation in these after-hours classes. Please visit our Participant Page for additional information on procedures, forms, and signing up for research hours.
  • Researchers: Faculty and graduate students run many of their research projects through the subject pool, usually with the help of undergraduate research assistants enrolled in PSYC 194 (Cooperative Research) or PSYC 199 (Special Problems). In addition, students enrolled in PSYC 102 and other research classes (e.g., PSYC 121) have course requirements that often involve running a study through our subject pool. Please visit our Researcher Page for additional information on policies, procedures, application materials for Human Subjects Committee review, and scheduling research sessions.
  • Course Instructors: Instructors of PSYC 2, 4, and 8 should inform and coach their students regarding the research participation requirement and procedures. They also need to check students’ completed hours at the end of the semester to determine if they have completed their requirements. Instructors of other courses who have opted into the subject pool for extra credit purposes also need information about using the system, and instructors of research courses will often want access to the system as well to help supervise their students’ projects. Most of the information needed by instructors can be found in the Participants’ and Researchers’ pages referenced above; however, we have developed an instructor's quick-start overview to show the basic functions in our Psychology Research Website for performing their duties.