Message from the Chair

Rebecca Cameron, Ph.D. Department Chair

Welcome to the Sacramento State Psychology Department's web site. Please explore the site to learn about our undergraduate and graduate programs, our dedicated faculty and staff, and our outstanding student groups. Opportunities for learning extend beyond the classroom to involvement in research labs and community settings, where students learn skills that include scientific thinking, research and analytic strategies, multicultural awareness, and ethical decision-making.

Be sure to meet with us in person as well as visiting us online. Prospects peer mentors are available to answer questions and to support your undergraduate experience Monday through Friday in AMD 358, and faculty advisors are available during office hours to discuss your interests and goals. Click here to find the office hours for our major advisors.

Rebecca Cameron,Ph.D., Department Chair

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Important Dates

December 18-January 22, 2018

Winter Break

January 22

Instruction begins.

Supplemental Application available.

Psychology Undergraduate Major Application

Click here for the Psychology Department's Undergraduate Supplemental Application. The application will opens on January 22, 2018 and closes March 16, 2018. 


Contact Cheryl Lugo at with any questions.

Program Spotlight

Prospects Logo

Prospects provides psychology majors with information and experiences necessary for developing academic goals, skills, and a better understanding of how to navigate the Psychology Department. Peer Mentors enable others to excel and understand academics and the major requirements.

If you are interested in becoming a Mentee, click here to apply

Interested in becoming a Mentor

The Psychology Peer Mentor application for Fall 2018 is now currently open. We have changed some things up this semester so please read carefully and apply if you are interested!

  1. The Psychology Peer Mentor application can now be accessed online here:
  2. The supplemental documents include:
    • A completed and signed Mentor Contract (attached)
    • Copy of curriculum vitae/resume
    • Unofficial copy of your Sac State transcript
    • Two-page essay in APA format answering the following:
      • Tell us about yourself
      • Why are you interested in becoming a Peer Mentor
      • What kind of experience do you have that would help you add value to this program?
  3. The Mentor Contract:
    • This is a brand new part of our application process that must be completed in order for us to consider you as an applicant for Fall 2018
    • You must print the contract attached
    • Come by the Prospects Peer Mentoring program office (AMD 358) during office hours (Monday - Thursdays 10am - 5pm and Fridays 10am - 2pm)
    • Meet with one of our current Mentors and go over the contract with them
    • Both of you must print your names, sign, and date the contract
    • The Mentor will then take the contract from you and place it in the assigned envelope
  4. Supplemental documents must be submitted to the Prospects Peer Mentoring Office during office hours.
    • The Mentor contract can be submitted separately
    • The resume/CV, essay, and unofficial transcript, must be submitted together and stapled

The deadline to submit the application and all supplemental documents (contract, resume/CV, unofficial transcript, and essay) is Friday, April 6, 2018. Please keep in mind that the Prospects Peer Mentor office closes at 2pm on Fridays.

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