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Rebecca Cameron, Ph.D. Department Chair

Welcome to the Sacramento State Psychology Department's web site. Please explore the site to learn about our undergraduate and graduate programs, our dedicated faculty and staff, and our outstanding student groups. Opportunities for learning extend beyond the classroom to involvement in research labs and community settings, where students learn skills that include scientific thinking, research and analytic strategies, multicultural awareness, and ethical decision-making.

Be sure to meet with us in person as well as visiting us online. Prospects peer mentors are available to answer questions and to support your undergraduate experience Monday through Friday in AMD 358, and faculty advisors are available during office hours to discuss your interests and goals. Click here to find the office hours for our major advisors.

Rebecca Cameron,Ph.D., Department Chair

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If you are a current Sacramento State Psychology Major preparing to register for classes in the next two weeks (i.e., NOT an incoming student who will register at orientation), please read the following for important information about registration.

If you have completed PSYC 101 with a C- or better, please assume you can register normally, as we have adjusted for your catalog rights at registration. Do not be concerned about the new version of the prerequisites. If you run into any prerequisite issues, please contact the Psychology office staff for assistance (in person or by writing

If you have not yet taken PSYC 101 (and earned a C- or above) and you plan to complete the new version of PSYC 101 (now called PSYC 9) this fall, please download and print the form at this link:

PSYC F18 Registration Form.pdf


1) If you have completed one of the PSYC 9 substitute courses listed on the form, fill the entire form out and submit it to the Psychology office ASAP next week, ahead of your registration appointment.


2) If you have NOT completed one of the courses listed on the form, but you want to take PSYC 9 this fall, please complete your priority order for PSYC 9 sections before turning the form in, again ASAP and ahead of your registration appointment.

Again, please let us know of any registration difficulties you encounter after following these procedures.


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If you missed the recent Group Advising Sessions


Check out:

Navigating the FA18 Catalog.pptx

For a full explanation and answers to some common questions, watch the video: Navigating the F18 Catalog.mp4

Psychology Undergraduate Major Application

The Psychology Supplemental Application is now closed. The application will reopen in Fall 2018.


Contact Cheryl Lugo at with any questions.

Psychology Department News

New Psychology Undergraduate Catalog: Confused? Have Questions?

A new catalog of undergraduate major requirements for the Psychology major has gone live and will be in effect Fall 2018. We understand that there is some confusion and questions about the implications of this curriculum change. With this in mind, we would like to support you all through this transition while helping you navigate these changes and whether they apply to you as a current undergraduate student and Psychology major.

In order to do this, Dr. Cameron and I will be holding four group advising sessions for Psychology majors. All current students are encouraged to attend so we can answer any questions and help you navigate through any concerns you may have. Here are the dates:

  1. Tuesday, April 17, 2018 from 5:00PM - 6:00PM in Mariposa Hall 10012.
  2. Wednesday, April 18, 2018 from 5:30PM - 6:30PM in Mendocino Hall 4004
  3. Friday, April 20, 2018 from 11:00AM - 12:00PM in Benicia Hall 1025
  4. Wednesday, April 25, 2018 from 4pm – 5pm: online group advising session via Zoom by clicking on the following link:


New Course: PSYC 183 Teaching of Psychology

Are you interested in learning more about the issues and strategies involved with teaching at the University level, while gaining practical experience in teaching related activities? 

Applications are now open for our new Fall 2018 class!

Course Description (3 units)
Study of best practices in the Teaching of Psychology.  Selected topics may include, course preparation, skills for fostering student learning, strategies for improving student writing, theories of assessment, using technology in the classroom, sensitivity to diversity, teaching special populations, and the ethical and legal issues faced in the classroom. Students attend scheduled seminars on course topics and outside the course are mentored by a professor in the Department of Psychology (called Faculty Mentor/Sponsor).  Credit/No Credit only.  1 hour seminar, 2 hours by arrangement each week.  Prerequisite: Permission of Instructor

  • One 50 min lecture a week – MONDAYS 12:00-12:50 pm
  • Shadow Psychology professor for hands-on learning about teaching
  • fulfills the elective requirement for current majors

Applications are being accepted in AMD 350 now!

Download the application here: PSYC 183 Application - Fall 2018


Instructor Permission required to enroll.

  • If you have a professor whom you would like to shadow, please contact them to see if they are able to mentor you for the Fall semester.
  • Professors will need to agree to work with students before a student can be enrolled.
  • We will try and find a mentor for students who have not been able to find one.
  • (see application for more details)

For more information, please contact Dr. Emily Wickelgren at


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