2011 Entering Class of Sacramento State’s
PPA and ULD Master’s Students

photo of Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson (ULD)
Realty Specialist, Bureau of Land Mabagement
Business, Sacramento State

photo of Leslie Benson
Leslie Benson
Chair/Co Found, CALHep Alliance
Spanish, Sacramento State

photo of Michael Billingsley
Michael Billingsley

Media Consultant
History, Sonoma State

photo of Kathryn Cardenas
Kathryn Cardenas

Intern, CA Governor’s Press Office
Political Science, Humbolt State

photo of Amy Chesarek
Amy Chesarek (ULD)

City/Reg Planning, Cal Poly SLO

photo of Stephanie Cotter
Stephanie Cotter

City of Citrus Heights
History, Sacramento State

Photo of Tracey Dickinson
Tracey Dickinson
Resident Counselor, Group Home
Social Work, Chico State

photo of Derrick Fesler
Derrick Fesler
Calvary Scout, U.S. Army (Prior)
Social Science, Chico State

photo of Tiffany Good
Tiffany Good
Govt/Int Relations, Sacramento State

photo of Alex Graves
Alex Graves
Political Analyst, CA Alzheimer’s Association
Politics, Occidental

photo of Andrea Howard
Andrea Howard (ULD)
Principle Planner, Parker Development
Business, Sacramento State

photo of Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones
Campaign, Assembly 4th District
Political Science, Univ of Pacific

photo of Natasha Jordon
Natasha Jordon
Government, Sacramento State

photo of Heather Kendrick
Heather Kendrick
Sociology, UC Davis

photo of Jodi Lewis
Jodi Lewis
Public Affairs, Verizon Corp
English, Mount Saint Mary’s

photo of Jennifer Madrid
Jennifer Madrid
California Criminalistics Institute
Journalism, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

photo of Terry Martin
Terry Martin
Legislative Assistant, CA Assembly
Government, Sacramento State

photo of Ryan McMonigle
Ryan McMonigle
Health Advocate
Government, Sacramento State

photo of Kevin Navarro
Kevin Navarro
Intern, CA State Assembly
Polit Sci/Pub Serv, UC Davis

photo of Ryan Ong
Ryan Ong
Associate Transportation Planner, CALTRANS
Comm and Reg Dev, UC Davis

photo of Ruth Padilla
Ruth Padilla
Animal Control, City of Elk Grove
Politics/ St. Mary’s College

photo of Richard Perrin
Richard Perrin
Analyst, CA Department of Personnel Administration
Economics, Cal Poly Pomona

photo of Edward Sanders
Edward Sanders
Analyst, CA Legislative Data Center
Marketing, Univ of Phoenix

photo of Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart
Legislative Analyst, CA DMV
Social Science, Sacramento State

photo of Lauren Suedkamp
Lauren Suedkamp
Client Services Intern, APCO
Political Science, Univ of Pacific

photo of Matthew Thomas
Matthew Thomas
Intern, CA Legislature
Political Sci/UC Santa Barbara

photo of William Thomas
William Thomas
Supervisor, CA Consumer Affairs
Carr/Tech Studies, Sac State


photo of Lyndsey Williams
Lyndsey Williams
Grant Coordinator, Consumnes River College
Psychology, UC Santa Cruz


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