2006 Transit of Mercury

Image Credit: SOHO (ESA/NASA)


On November 8, 2006 the planet Mercury will transit the Sun. The next transit will not occur until 2016.  We are fortunate that the full transit will be visible from Sacramento. The total time for the event will be a little less than 5 hours.

Transit Timeline

External Ingress

11:12:38 AM PST

Internal Ingress

11:14:31 AM PST

Greatest Transit

01:41:02 PM PST

Internal Egress

04:07:42 PM PST

Internal Egress

04:09:35 PM PST

Observing Location

We will be observing the transit from the astronomy observing platform on the roof of Amador Hall (entrance on 4th floor).

Amador Hall Image
Aerial Photo: U.S. Geological Survey

Longitude: -121.42446
Latitude: 38.55930

Transit of Mercury Image

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Last Updated: October 24, 2006