Physics Teacher Preparation Scholarship

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This scholarship was generously established by a Sac State Physics alumnus and his wife. They are very concerned about increasing demand for and short supply of well-qualified teachers in high school science classes. This scholarship is open to students enrolled in the Teacher Preparation Concentration (TPC) program.

The TPC Committee is responsible for the administration of the scholarships. Recommendation for new scholarship awards is based on an evaluation of college transcripts and an essay written by the student candidate stating, among other things, why he or she wants to become a physics or science teacher. Students offered the scholarship are required to sign a letter expressing their commitment to the program and its objectives. Recommendation of scholarship renewals are based on a written progress report submitted by the student to the TPC Coordinator every semester.


Lisa Heldreth, Scholarship Winner"My mission is to become a high school Physics teacher. I believe that high school students really are our future and we need more women and men who understand the sciences, specifically physics. During the Fall 2008 semester, I was able to observe and assist in a high school physics classroom at West Campus High School. It was an amazing experience to be able to focus on nothing else but the teaching style and the way that students learn. It was an amazing experience that has really given me a much better handle on my career path."

- Lisa Heldreth, Scholarship Recipient

Students must carry a minimum of 12 units per semester while receiving the scholarship. The scholarship is limited to six renewals, for a total of seven semesters. The value of the scholarship depends upon the student's class and academic standing.


Class Standing



Credential Program***

Dean's Honor List

Registration fees +
15% for incidentals

Registration fees +
20% for incidentals

Registration fees

Good Standing

Registration fees +
10% for incidentals

Registration fees +
15% for incidentals

Registration fees

* All Lower Division Physics and Mathematics Completed
** Completion of at Least 12 Units of Upper Division Physics
*** BA-TPC Completed at Sac State and enrolled in Sac State's Single-Subject Credential Program. 
      Three semester maximum.

Contact Prof. Vera Margoniner if you have any questions or want more information about the TPC program or Scholarship.

Last Updated: January 15, 2009