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Since April 4th, 1986, Sigma Lambda Beta has grown from a single chapter at the University of Iowa to well over 120 Undergraduate Chapters, Colonies and Alumni Associations. The success of Sigma Lambda Beta is attributed to the combined efforts of our Membership and Staff as well as Faculty and Honorary Members. Sigma Lambda Beta is Historically the Largest Latino-Based Fraternity with Multi-ethnic membership.

Quick Stats

Name: Sigma Lambda Beta

Crest of this organization
Minimum GPA: 2.5

Flower: Red Carnation

Color(s): Royal Purple and Pure White

Jewel: Amethyst

Nickname: Lambda Betas (Betas)

Motto: Opportunity for Wisdom, Wisdom for Culture

Year: 1986 at University of Iowa, Iowa city, Iowa

First at Sac State: 2008

US Chapters: 89

International Chapters: Delta Chapter in Universidad Catholica in Puerto Rico

Headquarters Location: Iowa

National Website

Guiding Principles

The fraternity principles are Brotherhood, Scholarship, Cultural Awareness, and Community Service. We believe that these guiding principles are base for developing a Leader.

Cultural Foundation


Does your group host culturally based programs? Upward bound Program: to help High School seniors succeed in college and it is primarily minorities.

Community Service and Philanthropy

What is the community service, philanthropy, or cause that your organization most frequently supports? - Victor Correa-Ortiz CPR Awareness - Collegiate Leadership Development Program - Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America - Inroads

What program(s) or event(s) does your organization at Sacramento State coordinate to support the community service, philanthropy, or cause mentioned above? Victor Correa-Ortiz CPR Awareness This event started taking place after one of our brothers Victor Correa-Ortiz drowned. This brother would have survived if anyone that was around him knew CPR. On behalf of the passed away brother the organization Sigma Lambda Beta made CPR awareness one of our philanthropy with the purpose of making sure that all the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta and people on the community learn CPR to be able to save some ones life.

Approximately how many hours per month do individual members or your organization participate in community service or philanthropy projects? 4

How many community service or philanthropy projects does your organization participate in each semester? 7

Risk Management

Does your organization have a bylaw or statement regarding hazing? The governing document of Sigma Lambda Beta is our National Constitution, every Undergraduate and Alumni entity is also required to have bylaws. The purpose of fraternity education is just that education about the Fraternity, about the chapter, the active organization, and the college/university. It is education about past and present Brothers, and it is education about what makes a good members. The senseless act of hazing not only creates liability risk for the chapter and Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc., but also hinders the development of the friendships that are the basis of Brotherhood. The majority of states consider hazing to be a felony. This means that, in those states, a lawsuit resulting from a hazing activity might exclude insurance coverage for members who were aware of or condoned a hazing activity.

Does your organization have an insurance policy? Yes

Does your organization have a Risk Management policy? Yes

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