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As a Sigma Kappa you will have the opportunity to meet new friends, set goals and traditions, plan scholastic, social, and philanthropic events, and become involved in campus activities.

Quick Stats

Name: Sigma Kappa

Crest of this organization
Minimum GPA: 2.25

Flower: Violet

Color(s): Lavender and Maroon

Symbol: Heart and Dove

Jewel: Pearl


Motto: One Heart, One Way.

Year: 1874 at Colby College, Waterville, Maine

First at Sac State: 1991

US Chapters: 110

International Chapters:

Headquarters Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

National Website

Guiding Principles

To provide women lifelong opportunities and support for social, intellectual, and spiritual development by bringing women together to positively impact our communities

Community Service and Philanthropy

What is the community service, philanthropy, or cause that your organization most frequently supports? Sigma Kappa most frequently supports the Alzheimer's Disease Foundation, however we also support the Maine Sea Cost Mission, Gerontology Research, Inherit the Earth, and W.E.A.V.E.

What program(s) or event(s) does your organization at Sacramento State coordinate to support the community service, philanthropy, or cause mentioned above? The main program we coordinate is Hot Shots which is a basketball tournament that all the fraternities on campus can participate in. All the money raised goes to our Alzheimer's foundation but we also have the fraternities bring in toys for the Main Sea Cost Mission foundation and clothes from the sororities for W.E.A.V.E. Also, during one week in the Spring semester we clean up our campus, local parks, or neighborhoods around us for Inherit the Earth which helps keep our city and streets clean. In the Fall along with Hot Shots, we make cards and gifts, usually picture frames, for the people in Senior Citizen Homes to help support the study of Gerontology.

Approximately how many hours per month do individual members or your organization participate in community service or philanthropy projects? 4

How many community service or philanthropy projects does your organization participate in each semester? 5

Risk Management

Does your organization have a bylaw or statement regarding hazing? Yes- Hazing is unacceptable and stictly forbidden in our sorority.

Does your organization have an insurance policy? Yes

Does your organization have a Risk Management policy? Yes


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