Research Laboratories and Core Facilities

Archaeological Research Center (ARC)

One component of the broader Institute of Archaeology and Cultural Studies at CSUS. The principal focus of the ARC is to facilitate faculty and student research via funding obtained from contracts and grants. The center brings together considerable individual and team expertise in the management of cultural resources throughout California and the western Great Basin.

Contact: Dr. Mark Basgall, Director (916) 278-4854

California Smart Grid Center

Develops technological solutions to help utility companies respond to peak electrical power demands and works directly with California and national utilities to support the development of the highly desired upgrades to the nation's electric grid. The Center also develops curriculum to educate engineering and computer science students interested in smart grid careers.

Contact: Dr. Emir Jose Macari, Director

Center for Health and Human Services Research (CHHSR)

Promotes applied research, interdisciplinary education, and program development in health and human services. CHHSR also strives to develop primary and/or continuing education opportunities for students and practitioners involved in human services and health professions.

Contact: B. Raingruber, RN, Ph.D., CS Professor, Nursing (916) 278-3626

Center for Interdisciplinary Molecular Biology: Education, Research and Advancement (CIMERA)

Serves to enhance research and education in the burgeoning fields of Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. CIMERA brings together an interdisciplinary group of faculty from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry and associated faculty from other departments, including the Family and Consumer Sciences and Anthropology who are dedicated to improving teaching and research in the cell and molecular sciences at CSUS.

Contact: Dr. Tom Savage, Director 916-278-3918 e-mail:

Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology (CREST)

A cross-disciplinary, interdepartmental group of faculty formed to respond to intensifying needs for high-quality, independent scientific studies of the natural and physical environment focusing on critical elements and processes affecting the region's air, water, soil, and biotic environments.

Contact: Dr. Susan Crawford, Director (916) 278-6542 e-mail:

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