STEM Faculty Professional Development Opportunities

Center for Interdisciplinary Molecular Biology: Education, Research and Advancement (CIMERA)

Facilitates interdisciplinary basic and applied research, training and education of undergraduate and graduate students, and community-based educational programs in the fields of cell and molecular biology and biochemistry.

Contact: Dr. Tom Savage, Director

916-278-3918 or e-mail:

Center for Regional Environmental Science and Technology (CREST)

A cross-disciplinary, interdepartmental group of faculty formed to respond to intensifying needs for high-quality, independent scientific studies of the natural and physical environment.

Contact:  Dr. Susan Crawford, Director

(916) 278-6542 or e-mail:

Center for STEM Excellence STEM Fellows Program

Provides release time for faculty to write and submit proposals for  interdisciplinary projects designed to improve the state of STEM at CSUS.

Contact: Sharon Puricelli - STEM Program Coordinator

(916) 278-2789 or e-mail

Partners:  Research Administration and Contract Administration

Center for Teaching and Learning

provides activities and services that help faculty, departments, and programs to identify and achieve their desired level of teaching excellence.  The Center director also consults with departmental chairs and committees and college and campus administrators on faculty development issues.

Contact: Dr. Lynn Tashiro

(916) 278-5945 or e-mail

Research and Creative Activity Awards

Competitive grants that provide resources and release time for Sacramento State faculty members to pursue scholarly activities.

Contact: Vicki Pearson-rounds

(916) 278-4918

Partners: Research Administration & Contract Administration, CSU Chancellor's Office, University Enterprises, Inc.

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