Commit to Study

Science and math require more study time than most students realize. Successful students study 25 to 35 hours outside of class each week (about two hours for each course credit). However, most high school students study less than three hours per week. This is not enough time in college, where students are expected to master lots of advanced material mostly by studying on their own outside of class. That is why we ask Sac State students to commit 25-35 hours per week to studying.

Comparison of Study Habits in High School and College
In High School In College
30 hours a week spent in class 12-16 hours a week spent in class
Study 0-2 hours a week, mostly last-minute test preparation Study at least 2-3 hours a week for each hour/unit in class
Teachers draw direct connections and lead you through the thinking process Expect you to think about and synthesize seemingly unrelated topics
Need to read or hear presentations only once to perform well on tests Need to review class notes and text material regularly
Expected to read short assignments that are then discussed in class Assigned substantial amounts of reading and writing that may not be directly addressed in class
Testing is frequent and covers small amounts of material Testing is infrequent, covering large amounts of material.  You need to organize the material to prepare for the test
Low initial test grades may not have an adverse effect on your final grade First tests are “wake up calls” to let you know what is expected. Visit your professor if you receive a low grade on a first test