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Founded in 1989, the Institute for Social Research (ISR) conducts public opinion surveys, performs program/policy evaluations, and provides a comprehensive list of data analytic services (both quantitative and qualitative) for government agencies, non-profits, and the academic community. A multidisciplinary social science organization, the ISR has extensive experience in all areas of research design, data collection, data analysis, and data management. Our projects have enhanced decision-making, improved the use of resources, ensured program fidelity, and advanced the overall quality of programs/policies designed to address various social problems.


Above all else, our staff, faculty associates, and consortium partners adhere to high standards of quality, transparency and research ethics -- working to provide clients with clear, objective, actionable information that serves our communities.

A Message from the Director
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Graduate Research Assistant Job Posting


The ISR is looking to hire a Graduate Research Assistant for Youth Tabacco Purchase Survey. More details located in csus career center, as well as the link here.

You can contact Cristina Larsen at for more details.


American Evaluation Association's annual meeting in Chicago


On November 12th ISR’s own Alton Williams (Graduate Research Analyst) and Professor Arturo Baiocchi (Faculty Associate) presented at the American Evaluation Association’s annual meeting in Chicago. Their presentation—“Assessing Perceptions of Racial Isolation and Other Institutional Barriers in STEM Evaluation Research ”— was based on ISR’s continuing five-year evaluation of the Bridges to Baccalaureate Program at San Francisco State University. The talk highlighted ISR’s strategy for exploring both the individual-level as well as institutional-level impacts of the BRIDGES program, which is part of broader initiative by the National Institute of Health to increase the number of underrepresented minority students pursuing doctorate training in the biomedical sciences. The presentation reviewed how the researchers are using a “critical race theory” lens for conceptualizing the ongoing challenges, as well as the potential sites of success, for these types of targeted interventions. Alton and Arturo are planning to use the presentation to draft an article manuscript to submit to the American Journal of Evaluation in the next year.


Good job Alton and Arturo!


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Introducing the California Speaks Survey Panel


California Speaks (CalSPEAKS) is an ongoing collection and investigation of citizens' voices in California, focusing on the distinctive economic, social, political, and environmental issues that confront our state.


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California Elections Data Archive (CEDA)

CEDA is a joint project of the Center for California Studies, the ISR and the Office of the California Secretary of State. The CEDA report provides a single repository of local election data summarizing candidate and ballot measure results for county, city, community college and school district elections. We have recently released the 2014 CEDA report which is available for your reading pleasure here.


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