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SPSS for Survey Analysis

Description: This introductory workshop is designed to provide an overview of the basic workspace and introduce you to the concepts of entering raw data, formatting data, basic descriptive statistics, creating graphs and charts, how to save, print and copy your data, and how to export your data to Word/PDF. 

IBM SPSS Statistics is a software package used for statistical analysis, data management, and data documentation. It allows even novice researchers to do their own statistical analysis with ease. This program is widely used by individuals with interests in social sciences, market research, health research, surveys, government, and education research. 

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SPSS for Experimental Analysis

Description: In this workshop, students will learn how to import existing data from Excel into SPSS or from an SPSS data file .sav. We will go over how to manage a data set in SPSS e.g. Sorting or Transforming data variables in the Data View, learn the menu/options to select in SPSS to run the appropriate Inferential analysis types we need for a sample assignment like T-test, Chi-square and ANOVA, how to navigate through the Output Window after running an analysis and how to save and/or export work.

SPSS Syntax Basics

Description: This manual in designed to be used along with the Command Syntax Reference within SPSS. The manual will help you understand how to use command syntax language to communicate directly with the SPSS software so you can bypass the lengthy dialogue windows and save time by storing and reusing code to execute complex processes.