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Spreadsheets and Data using Excel

Description: This introductory workshop is designed to provide an overview of Excel’s basic workspace and create a basic budgeting spreadsheet using functions, formatting, and worksheet formatting.

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Data Management and Workflow using Excel

Description: This workshop is designed to teach skills in Excel that will help you manage data from large imports and save them for further use in SPSS.

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Pivot Tables using Excel

Description: A pivot table is a special type of data summary table that you can use to analyze and reveal relationships in the data without making you create and insert formulas. You can also adjust the arrangement of the summarized data after you generate the table.


Creating Charts using Excel

Description: This short workshop is designed to provide an overview for creating and formatting charts, pivot tables and sparklines in Excel. You will also learn how to copy and paste this data to use in reports, posters and infographics.


Running Descriptive and Correlational Analysis using Excel

Description: This workshop is designed to provide an overview for running descriptive and correlational analysis in Excel 2013.