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CMS Training Development Resources

Have Questions about CMS Training Development?

Have questions about the CMS training development standards?  Please contact Service Desk staff.


The scope of CMS is broad and knowledge of the system and its related business processes lies with various experts across the campus. This distribution means that CMS training material may not always be developed by the same staff members.

The following standards and templates have been developed in an effort to create a consistent look and feel for CMS related training and provide a cohesive user experience no matter where the training is produced. In addition to providing consistency, the templates below have been vetted by accessibility specialists to ensure that they conform to current accessibility standards.

Training Tools

The following information should aid you in creating accessible training materials using standard software.

Captivate Basics Training - This training covers the basics of creating demonstration tutorials for web publication using Captivate.

Captivate Advanced Training - Coming soon!

Creating Accessible PDF's - These instructions will guide you in creating accessible PDF documents.

Creating Accessible Word Documents - This guide will assist you in creating accessible Word documents.

Training Material Templates

These templates should be used for any training that will be posted on the CMS training pages. Please see the Current Published Training section for links to the pages in question.

Online Tutorial Templates - Use the templates provided below when creating online tutorials in Captivate. Note that there are two versions of the template which come in standard 800x600 and 960x720 sizes. We do not recommend creating online tutorials above the 960x720 size because they can become much less user-friendly depending upon the viewer's screen resolution.

Instruction Manual Template - The Word template provided here can be used to create full process manuals. 

Quick Guide Template - This Word template can be used when generating quick process summary documents of only a few pages in length. Quick Guides are intended for an audience that understands the documeted process overall but still needs a quick, easy-to-access reminder.

Downloading Note - Depending on your internet browser and settings, you may receive a zipped file when downloading these templates. Simply change the ".zip" file extension to the appropriate extension for the file you're downloading (.cptl for Captivate and .dotx for the others) by renaming the zipped file once it's saved to your machine. 

Training Material Shared Drive

A shared drive has been established to manage CMS training materials. The shared drive will allow you to acess source files for current versions of published training and allow for easy transfer of new files that need to be published. The following documents provides instructions for accessing the shared drived from your computer. 

Current Published Training

Below you will find links to the training material currently available on the web for CMS end users.

Human Resources Training

Finance (CFS) Training