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The Network Support staff is responsible for installing and maintaining a variety of network components that provide network connectivity to the campus community and the rest of the world.


  • Network Infrastructure planning
  • Physical network implementation
  • Hardware maintenance upgrade and repair
  • Network security planning and implementation
  • Network performance monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Network jack activation and IP address space maintenance
  • Assisting campus IT personnel to integrate their systems with the University infrastructure
  • Wireless coverage analysis and troubleshooting
  • Documentation


The core of the campus backbone is a pair of Cisco 6500 series switches. Supporting them is a host of devices dedicated to security, diagnostics, load balancing, and intrusion detection. All but a few buildings on campus are connected via 1 or more Gigabit or 100 Megabit fiber optic cables back to the core switches in the Information Resources & Technology (IRT) Data Center. There are roughly 300 Cisco switches and over 200 wireless access points located throughout the main campus and auxiliary properties. This infrastructure provides wired and wireless network connectivity to all of the campus workstations, labs, dorm rooms, server farms and portable computing devices for use by the campus community.

To connect with the outside world, the Network Support staff maintains a redundant pair of 1 Gigabit fiber internet feeds via CENIC, a pool of over 300 56k modems for campus dial-up connectivity, and a VPN concentrator for remote access to campus resources.