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Secure Wireless

With recent improvements to the SacState Wireless Network, we are now able to offer some exciting new services such as improved security and faster access.

 SacLinkSecure - This is a new wireless configuration available across campus that uses the latest in wireless encryption technology (WPA2) to better protect your communications.   It also allows for authentication (login) to the wireless network to happen via your computer login process and you no longer have to hit the campus wireless login web page.

 FASTER!  - New wireless access points in several buildings allow for improved radio technologies such as 802.11A and 802.11N, giving faster access in less congested radio frequency space.  The existing network "SacLink" using 802.11B/G can get very congested.  SacLinkSecure uses the same existing coverage as SacLink, but also uses the newer technologies as well.  The new wireless access points are currently located in the Library, University Union and the AIRC. 

 ACCESS - With SacLinkSecure, you will have easy access to the resources you need without the requirement of VPN.  Since SacLinkSecure encrypts all traffic, VPN isn't required to get access to internal resources like file shares, printers, databases, etc. 

 How can you start using these new services?  Go to for all the latest information and instructions on how to setup your laptop or other wireless device for SacLink Secure access.  There is even an online configuration tool to help get your client moved over!   Have questions?  Contact our helpdesk, we'll be happy to get you up and surfing faster than ever! 


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