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The SacSend web application helps you send email and My Sac State Messages to predefined constituent groups via an easy-to-use interface. Use of SacSend is currently available for College Deans, Department Chairs, designees of Deans/Chairs, and faculty. Campus Deans, Chairs and their Designees are provided access to predefined distribution lists of groups such as lists of all majors/minors in their department. Faculty are automatically provided access to their class lists.

The SacSend application provides key features that will enable Faculty to communicate effectively with their students. Some of these features include:

  • Pre-populated Class lists: Once logged in to SacSend, Faculty will be able to view lists for all the courses taught during a semester. Faculty can then choose to send a message to all students in every course, to students from one section/course, to a group of students, or to individual students.
  • Information Protection:  SacSend protects your student's contact information by not displaying recipient email addresses. SacSend message recipients will only see your email address and their email address on the message received.
  • Send Attachments:  Faculty can send up to 10 attachments with a combined file size of 15MB.
  • SacSend Message Formats: You may choose to use both the Email and My Sac State Message formats within SacSend simultaneously to send your recipients a copy of your communication.
  • Formatting Tools for your Message:  Choose to create and format your message using the HTML Editor or Text Editor View. The Text Editor view appears by default when first accessing SacSend. In the Text Editor view you can apply different font styles, specify font size, check spelling, insert images, and more.
  • View a test Message: You can preview your message before it is sent. Just click on the Test Mail button to review your work.

 Make SacSend your communication tool of choice. To get started visit To learn more about SacSend and to download a detailed User Guide and a Quick Guide please visit the SacSend FAQ Webpage.

If you have questions about SacSend please contact the IRT Service Desk:


Phone:  916.278.7337


Office:  AIRC 2005

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