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Beginning Jan. 7th, Sacramento State will require use of the SafeConnect tool for all university and auxiliary staff who connect to the campus wireless network with a laptop computer (either university-owned or personal).  Beginning on that date, when you connect a laptop computer to the campus wireless network, you will be asked to first accept the University Computer and Network User Code of Ethics and then install the SafeConnect tool.  This process is very quick and painless and does not compromise your computer or your data in any way. Once you install SafeConnect, you will receive advisory information if you lack malware protection, if your protection is not up-to-date, or if your operating system is not set to check for security updates.  If needed, you’ll also receive instructions on how to protect your computer by downloading free software. If your computer is protected and up-to-date, you will simply connect to the wireless network as usual.

Your university-provided laptop should be already configured for both SafeConnect and security updates.  If, however, you experience any issues with university laptops, please contact either the Service Desk at 278-7337 or your local IT support. 

To prepare a personally owned laptop for SafeConnect before you use our wireless network in January, go to There you will learn how to accomplish the following three quick steps:

  • Pre-install the SafeConnect Client
  • Verify that anti-virus software is installed, running, and correctly configured
  • Check your operating system for automatic updates

Still not sure where to start with your personal machine? SafeConnect workshops will be available in December and January. For the schedule, go to  

If you need assistance at any time, please call the IRT Service Desk at 278-7337.

Note that all Sacramento State students who connect to our wireless network are already using SafeConnect, with no significant problems encountered.  The sole purpose of SafeConnect is to protect your computer and the campus network from malware. We strongly recommend that you download the SafeConnect tool at this time, as it will both speed your connection to our wireless network in the future and help protect all computers on the Sac State network, including yours.

Note: At this time SafeConnect only applies Windows and Macintosh devices. It does not apply to tablets and smartphones. Keep in mind that Macintosh computers need protection from malware just as much as other computers.

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