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IT Forum

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Administrative Forum on Technology, hosted by IRT.  The forum is scheduled on October 31, from 3 to 5 pm  in the Orchard Suite of the University Union.  The topic for this semester's forum features a discussion about Business Process Analysis – is this the most boring topic possible or is it essential to the future of our campus?  We will discuss topics such as:

- Can we afford to continue doing our business the way we have in the past?

- Does it improve our jobs or eliminate them?

- Why do so many of our administrative processes require paper forms or face-to-face contact?

- What’s required to put them online, automate them, or make them available for self-use?

- Why can’t we use the tools we have now to start right away?

- Does it increase or decrease our campus costs in times of severe budget cuts?

Our panel will include Teri Bennett, CIO (retired) CALPERS, Brigette Wikidal, Director, Project Management Office, CSU Chancellor’s Office, Seung Bach, Interim Associate Dean, College of Business, Veronica Hodge, Associate Vice President, Employment Services, and Sarah Whyte, Director of Strategic Planning & Quality Improvement, and will be moderated by Helen Norris, Associate VP for Administrative Computing.  The panel will respond to a series of questions posed by the moderator, and then will respond to questions from the audience.  We expect an illuminating conversation about a topic which may affect us all, so please join us for this event.  Light refreshments will be provided.

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