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FTP & Telnet Changes

On May 24th current FTP and Telnet services was replaced with more secure services. This may affect you if you upload files to a campus web page, post video files to the media server, or connect directly to campus servers to complete other tasks. Please see the information below for details on the changes:

Why are we making this change?
Legacy methods of connecting to servers using FTP and Telnet are often highly insecure. We are therefore replacing these services with more secure options with similar functionality.

What should I do if I use File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
If you use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to post files, you will need to begin using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). Instructions for uploading to the media server are available at for PC use and at for Macintosh use. Instructions to use SFTP for CSUS web pages are available at  SFTP is already up and running, so try it out today.

What should I do if I use Telnet
If you use Telnet to remotely access servers, you will now need to use Secure Shell (SSH).  A free program called PuTTY is commonly used for the SSH protocol. PuTTY is available for download at
What if I’m not sure if I use these services?
If you questions, please contact the Service Desk at 278-7737 or

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