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Monday, Jan 27, 2014

Classroom Support

We’re excited to announce that twelve additional university classrooms were upgraded over the semester break to include Intermediate Smart Technology. You can find a list that includes a description and pictures of these newly improved classrooms here. In addition, the campus is planning further classroom improvements over the coming summer that will include 1) As many as twenty additional Intermediate Smart Classrooms; 2) a pilot project to demonstrate collaborative technology and seating in a seminar room; 3) Addition of student self-study areas; and 4) the creation of a badly needed larger Advanced Smart Classroom.

Keep in mind that IRT’s Classroom Services group provides long-term and just-in-time support to all faculty in campus-wide classrooms and university computer labs.  To reach Classroom Services, just call 916.278.7337, and choose Option 1.  Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

A searchable inventory of campus learning spaces is available using the Learning Space Inventory database.  Over Winter Break, more classrooms were renovated.  There are four classroom media levels:

  • Advanced Smart Technology: Features a smart podium with a touch panel control system, PC, laptop connection, document camera, DVD/VCR Player, projector, and screen.  Classroom environment upgrades are often done at this level, including board lights, window treatments, carpeting, and acoustical treatments.
  • NEW! Intermediate Smart Technology: Features a smart podium with a control panel, PC with DVD Drive, laptop connection, projector, and screen. The classroom may also still have an overhead transparency projector.  Classroom environment upgrades are not typically done at this level.  (We now have 35 of these rooms.  For a list of the rooms that fall into this category, see the Learning Space Inventory database.) 
  • Basic Technology: Includes a laptop connection, projector, DVD/VCR player, and screen. The classroom may also still have an overhead transparency projector.
  • No Technology:  Does not have any Smart Technology.  May include an overhead transparency projector and screen. May also have a TV and DVD/VCR player. 

To see pictures and get more details about the different types of rooms, visit

For more information about classroom technology and services, visit our Classroom Services website, check out classroom media levels via ourLearning Space Inventory database, or call Classroom Services at Extension 87337, Option No. 1.

If you would like to offer input to classroom upgrades, please send your ideas to