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Friday, April 12, 2013 

SafeConnect - Protect Your Personal or University Laptop From Attack

The security of our computers and networks is only as secure as the weakest link in the chain. If only one computer attached to our network is compromised, everyone on our network is at risk. One of the last remaining gaps in our network protection is lack of antivirus and security protection on laptops connected to our campus wireless network. For that reason, we’ve introduced the SafeConnect program for both Mac and PC laptops connected to our network. SafeConnect is already in use by over 15,000 Sac State students and staff and we are getting ready to roll the same successful program out to faculty members.  Those who don’t use a laptop computer on SacState’s wireless network need not read further. But for those who do, the following information is critical to protecting both personal information and university information from hackers.

What is SafeConnect?

SafeConnect is a tool being used by Sac State to help ensure that your Mac OSX and Windows based computers connected to the University's wireless and public jack network meet minimum security standards. Using SafeConnect will help ensure that your personal machine and our network are protected from the effects of malicious software.

What exactly does SafeConnect do?

Once installed on your computer, SafeConnect's client will answer basic yes/no questions regarding security software installation, status and updates as well as operating system settings and relay that information so that SafeConnect can provide the appropriate response to your computer's status. This agent does not monitor your machine/activity beyond retrieving basic yes/no information for these system "health checks". Additionally, SafeConnect is entirely passive when you are off the campus network and will not continue performing checks on your computer or communicating information about your machine.

Who is Affected?

Faculty, Student and university/auxiliary staff accessing the campus wireless, public jack and Residence Hall networks will be required to install and run SafeConnect from their Macs or PC's in order to maintain full internet access (i.e., access beyond basic campus resources). At this time, Apple iOS (e.g., iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iPod), Android phones and tables, Linux and Windows mobile devices are not requires to install and run SafeConnect.

If you want to know more about SafeConnect, please visit  If you have any questions or need assistance with either the SafeConnect download or updating your security protections, please call the Service Desk at 278-7337.