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Staff IT Update March, 2012

IT Forum on Workplace Automation & Efficiency: Is It Right For Higher Education?
The second IRT sponsored IT Forum is scheduled for Wednesday, April 4th, 3:00-4:30, Foothill Suite, University Union. There are paper forms and manual processes to hire employees, get keys for access to buildings,  make course changes, or procure equipment.  Many forms and processes are complex and require a string of approvals or complex steps. Other forms and processes are simple, but still require clunky manual handling by staff. With ever more forms and ever less time for manual handling, isn’t it time to look for a better way?  Our next IT forum will delve into the concept of Imaging and Workflow, including process analysis and automation, and how it might fit into Higher Education.  The panel participants for this forum will include Russell Ching,  Associate Dean, College of Business, Ed Mills, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, Justine Heartt, Associate Vice President for Financial Services, Cathy Cleek, Chief Information Officer, Franchise Tax Board, State of California, and Liz Webb, Associate Director of Financial Aid, UC Davis. The panel will respond to a series of questions about how modern methods of online forms, automation, and self-help processes might help us to save money and improve customer service in higher education. Please join us for a lively conversation, including questions and comment from the audience. Light refreshments will be provided.

IT Procurement At Year End
Plan ahead for your year-end IT procurements by coordinating required accessibility and information security issues in advance with Dawn Futrell, our IT/ATI procurement specialist. A significant fringe benefit of this early coordination is that Dawn can also often advise you of significant cost savings that are available through bulk purchases, campus-wide software licensing, state service contracts, and similar programs. By coordinating ATI and security issues related to your IT procurements early, you can often get review issues out of the way so that your procurement speeds through without delay. To get advance information to help you plan, send email to or call 278-7643. To review IT Procurement Review process, please go to

Information Security and Patch Management: You are likely aware of the mandates the campus faces to implement enhancements to our campus information security. In particular, we’ve gone through a long process of vetting the requirement that we provide universal patching and ‘change management’ for all IT devices attached to the university network. This is really a comprehensive set of requirements that ensure that all university IT devices are protected with the latest anti-virus protection, malware detection, and other security patches (e.g. operating system updates). We have made good progress on the baseline initiative to get patch management protection on all university computers; more than 90% of campus computer devices now have such patch management installed. We’re now working with IT groups across campus over the last few weeks to get the remaining 10% of devices covered, with most remaining devices concentrated on faculty/staff laptops and in student computer labs. We appreciate you cooperation.