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Digital Document Services

The Photocopy Program and PrintSmart have merged into the newly establish Digital Document Services. This group has been tasked with running the public printing program knowns as PrintSmart. Ugprade the photocopy program to new devices that can Print Copy and Scan which we are calling the PCS program. Coordinate efforts with Xerox to roll out the fully Optimized print program in key departments (ABA, HR, IRT).

UPDATE: PrintSmart Future Plan

We are upgrading PrintSmart and Copy Centers this summer. Read up on the PrintSmart program and look over the Future Plan.

The new services we are providing support Printing, Copy, and Scan for the campus. The three types of areas we support are:

These areas will be evaluated by a team of Xerox agents to help optimize printing services. This requires the commitment of the VP in the area to go all-in on the Xerox Optimized plan.
Working with DDS team, departments can choose a device from our standard list of choices, or work with us to customize the device to fit their needs. Departments can go with one of the standard devices, or they can go their own way. We will still support the management of devices that meet our baseline standards to help track usage and accounting.
The devices previously known as PrintSmart and CopyCenters will be combined into Multi-Function devices. DDS will be monitoring and optimizing areas to provide high availability to services. These devices are available to everyone at the same price as before. Hornet Buck vouchers will still be granted to cover basic printing requirements.

View the presentation on the new services that was talked about during the Business Rountable Partners meeting.

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