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Data Warehouse

The SacVault Data Warehouse consolidates data from multiple sources in support of campus wide decision making and related information needs such as reporting, analysis, and planning.

The vision for the SacVault is to provide information that is secure, accurate, timely, consistent, integrated, appropriately detailed, well-organized, and easy to obtain so that people throughout the campus -- staff, faculty,  and executive-level administrators -- will be better able to assess their needs, set priorities, understand the impact of change, and fulfill their programmatic responsibilities more efficiently.

On a nightly basis, a snapshot of all of the transaction data from the CMS Student and Financial systems is taken and mapped to new data tables within SacVault (Cognos).  These new data tables support the existing general campus user reports.  In the next year, SacVault will also include reporting data from the Advance system, additional expanded Human Resource reporting information including Labor Cost Distribution (LCD) information and the Housing Star Rez system.